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Donations are always welcome, indeed they are essential if we are to continue the good work.

When the Stroke Matters magazine was launched, our cost projections were based upon an estimated circulation of 500 copies per edition. Over the years we have seen the circulation increase to 2,400 copies per edition.

One of the prime objectives in producing Stroke Matters was to provide a network of friendship links between stroke clubs. By so doing, we can not only facilitate the exchange of relevant stroke related information, but we can also cement bonds between stroke clubs and foster friendships between their members. The original vision was to achieve this for the East Riding of Yorkshire area, but there has proved to be a great demand for this service, far beyond the East Yorkshire boundary. However, expanding to meet this need comes with significant costs.

“In our first year, we have been very fortunate to have National Lottery funding in respect of the cost of the original estimated circulation. In two successive years thereafter, we were also successful in our grant applications. These have enabled us to expand into Hull and latterly into North and North East Lincolnshire. Also we have been able to produce audio CDs of all editions from the pilot in 2012 to the 13th edition. These CDs are to help survivors who are blind, partially sighted or suffer from aphasia as a result of their strokes.. These together with the magazine are distributed widely to all the regions we cover.

To cover future expansion in the circulation and to guarantee uninterrupted production of the magazine, and in addition to finance further development of the friendship links, we have no alternative but to put in place a strategy to avoid an otherwise unavoidable gap in our funding.


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The solution which we have adopted is to set up a Contingency Fund.

Donations to the fund, from persons and organisations who approve of our objective “to enhance the lives of those who have had strokes and their supporters” , and who are willing and able to offer financial support, would be most gratefully received.

If you are able to help secure the future of Stroke Matters with a donation to the contingency fund, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of donating, with a member of the team, do please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.

3 Ways To Donate

By Cheque

Cheques payable to Stroke Newsletter and posted to:

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving enables the employee to make donations straight from his or her gross salary. It is an easy, tax effective way to give regularly which provides the employee with tax relief, for further information see Payroll giving information page

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